Empowering everyone with the knowledge of your best team of analysts is a necessary foundation of making and executing the best decisions. However, ensuring the right level of understanding and interpretation of information across a wide array of data skill sets in decision makers is a challenge.

In our “Closing the Gap Between Data Analysis and Decision Makers” white paper, we lay the foundation for how to make sure insights are conveyed in an easily understood format from analyst to executive.

On an even larger scale, you want to make sure every employee across your organization can accurately understand what the data you collect means, the trends it reveals, and how to talk about it to a larger audience to decide on a proper course of action in response. In short, you want to improve company-wide data literacy. So how do you tackle the challenge of improving the data literacy in your organization in the most efficient manner?

We’ve outlined why data literacy is so crucial to the modern enterprise and methods to expedite the process in our white paper “How to Fast Track Your Company’s Data Literacy Efforts with NLG” white paper.

Check out both white papers for overviews of how natural language generation adds value to existing business intelligence and analytics processes, and how the written word can increase data literacy while improving decision making within your organization.

Interested in a more personal walkthrough of how this could work for your company specifically? Let us know by requesting a demo here.