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You Can Add a Robot Data Scientist Right Into Your Spreadsheet – And Try It For Free

Posted by James Kotecki on May 23, 2016

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We’ve got exciting news to share! Our “robot writing” software, Wordsmith, is now available directly within Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. You can use our natural language generation technology to create clear, actionable text from your data inside the spreadsheets you work with every day. It’s like your own robot data scientist, saving your team’s time by automatically producing reports everyone can read, understand and act on.

If you’re a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets user — and who isn’t? — you can generate specific, relevant insights about your data in the form of narrative reports. Instantly generate thousands of portfolio recaps, business intelligence summaries, performance reports and more, all written as if you gave personalized attention to each one.

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Wordsmith for Excel creates dynamic reports directly in your spreadsheet, where you already organize, manage and analyze your data. The Wordsmith plugin is also available for Google Sheets.

We’re making one of the features in Wordsmith for spreadsheets available to everyone for free. ExplainIt uses NLG and the Wordsmith API to instantly generate descriptive captions for charts and graphs in Excel and Sheets, making visual representations of data clearer with text-based summaries. To use ExplainIt, just download Wordsmith for spreadsheets.

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Wordsmith for spreadsheets comes with a free chart analyzer called ExplainIt. Simply select a chart or graph, and ExplainIt provides an instant narrative analysis.

Wordsmith for Excel and Wordsmith for Sheets allow you to generate insightful, human-sounding narratives within your spreadsheet in real time. The narratives update when the data in your spreadsheet changes, so your report is always in sync with your data. And you can embed the narratives you generate in Excel into other Microsoft Office tools.

When you bring Wordsmith into your spreadsheets, you can effectively scale the expertise of your company’s analysts. After one subject-matter expert creates a Wordsmith template, others can use that template with their own Excel or Sheets data to create personalized, insightful reports for any number of recipients.

Get Wordsmith for spreadsheets now and give it a spin. At last, business intelligence reports that write themselves.

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