Automated Insights is partnering with North Highland, a management consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, to bring the power of natural language generation to their Tableau dashboard solutions. Digital transformation is imperative for the survival of a company in the modern, data-driven era. North Highland is a global consulting firm with over 70 offices that challenge the norm by delivering value in a way that others aren’t, through their seamlessly integrated offerings. Now, North Highland plans to drive even more value for its clients by diving into the emerging technology field of NLG with Wordsmith. Wordsmith, the world’s first self-service NLG platform, empowers organizations to produce written analytics and narratives at an unprecedented speed and scale with complete customization and personalization, real-time updates, and the ability to publish anywhere with easy scalability. It’s like providing each and every consumer of a dashboard with a personalized data analyst telling them exactly what they need to know, and more importantly, what they should do about it.

As a forward-thinking, powerful foundation of industry knowledge, design, technology, and data, North Highland saw the value in pairing Wordsmith’s NLG solution with their Tableau expertise to transform data into clear, actionable insights. Utilizing the storytelling capabilities of Wordsmith and Tableau brings the value and insights from data to the masses, regardless of their level of data expertise.

North Highland works with 26 of the Fortune 100 companies and yet are equally honored to work alongside start-ups, nonprofits, and global government agencies. They understand that, in order to make the world’s data understandable, they need to bring innovative solutions and big ideas to their clients because true change starts there.

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