Intro to Automated Content: Key Concepts, Examples, and More


Whether this is your first time learning about our Wordsmith platform for automated content or you’re ready to more deeply explore the capabilities of our technology, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s your go-to guide to Wordsmith resources, including foundational concepts, examples of automated content, industry white papers, and company case studies.

The best way to learn about natural language generation is to request a demo of our Wordsmith platform and see it for yourself. But until then, happy reading!

Foundational Concepts

Natural Language Generation 101

Our Wordsmith platform for automated, data-driven content generation is a natural language generation technology. But what is natural language generation?

How To Know If You Have Content You Can Automate

Defining the characteristics of automatable content and describing the qualities that make business content a great candidate for automation.

Wordsmith & SEO: How Google Treats Automated Content

Our Wordsmith platform automatically turns raw data into high-quality content that readers, and thus Google, will love.

3 Sentences, 140,000 Possibilities: Why Wordsmith Works For SEO

Our Wordsmith platform allows you to codify your decision process so that you can automate your content generation, producing high quality content in high volumes.


Phoenix Metro Area First-Time Homebuyer Report for March (HomeSnap)

Reports like Weave bring data from multiple sources, weaving it together into a complete narrative.

Workout Recap (

Personalized, fun narratives about each user’s week at the gym are popular on social media.

Corporate Earnings Story (The Associated Press)

We automate 3,700 stories per quarter, many of which are published as-generated. In other cases, additional text from reporters accompanies Wordsmith’s output.

Minor League Baseball Story (The Associated Press)

Automated game stories are available for all Triple-A, Double-A and Class A games, covering 142 MLB-affiliated teams and 13 leagues, about 10,000 games per year.

Fantasy Football Recaps (Yahoo!)

Every week of the season, the Wordsmith platform from Automated Insights (Ai) creates personalized narratives for millions of Yahoo fantasy football users.

Yahoo fantasy article example

Obituary for Marvin Minsky (Wired)

“The pioneering artificial intelligence theorist Marvin Minsky died Sunday. So we thought it would be appropriate to ask for an obituary from one of his virtual descendants: Wordsmith, the automated news-writing bot from the company Automated Insights.”

Can You Tell Which Sports Story Was Automated? (STATS)

One of these stories was authored by a human. The other was generated by our Wordsmith platform. Can you tell which is which?

Software That Writes About Car Chases (Structured Stories)

“The incident concluded with the crash of the suspect in Point Fermin Park, where the suspect drove over a cliff.” Who says software can’t do drama?

Solutions by Industry

Translating Big Data Into Clear, Actionable Reports

What’s the point of Big Data if it doesn’t lead to business improvements? Learn why NLG technology delivers actionable insights when dashboards and data scientists aren’t enough.

Automating E-commerce Content Creation

What if online product descriptions were customized for each user? Learn how automated content offers unprecedented customer engagement.

Automating Property Descriptions for Real Estate

What if online real estate descriptions could tell buyers exactly what they wanted to know? Learn how to create personalized descriptions in natural language.

Automating Financial Services Communications

New automated content generation technology is ushering in an era of expanded automation, one that helps financial services institutions better communicate with their clients and save firms time and money.

Case Studies

The Associated Press Leaps Forward

AP now produces nearly 3,700 earnings stories per quarter – a 12-fold increase over its manual efforts.

Yahoo Fantasy Football’s Fan-Tastic Experience

Since 2012, automated draft reports and match recaps have helped Yahoo engage, monetize, and delight its massive user base.

GreatCall Sees “Huge Spike” in Engagement

“We can say with confidence that narratives are very valuable . . . The numbers don’t lie.”’s Automated Trainer

Motivational workout recaps help users reach their fitness goals.

Customer Data Make Orlando Magic

Retaining season ticketholders with advanced personalization.

Talking to the Automated Home

digitalSTROM upgrades the interface for the Internet of Things.

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