Have you spent expansive resources getting your organization up to speed with the latest in Business Intelligence solutions? You have complex dashboards that dive deep within the data behind your business and visually display the health of your firm. You spend time each day exploring those dashboards with enthusiasm and feel like everyone in your organization should do the same to better understand what is driving business and where efforts should be focused.But they don’t.How can you inspire your colleagues to take a meaningful look at dashboards and derive the necessary insights that arm them with the most up-to-date information? Make these dashboards understandable and meaningful through narrative.

That’s where natural language solutions like Wordsmith for Business Intelligence come into play. Wordsmith provides the perfect solution to increase dashboard engagement across the workforce, highlighting key insights that are tailored for each and every user, no matter their role within the organization. Executives? Check. Salesman? Check. Marketer? Check. No matter who it is, Wordsmith can deliver the specific, relevant data points they need in written form.

So, how does it work? Wordsmith is the world’s first self-service natural language generation (NLG) engine. NLG takes structured data and returns narrative that is indistinguishable from a human writer. The best part? With Wordsmith, you have complete control over the structure of the narratives so the output matches your organization’s voice, tone, and brand while scaling your firm’s data expertise. The narratives can be embellished with additional language providing context to the data or they can be as concise and “to the point” as needed

You have employees across the globe that could benefit from viewing, understanding, and leveraging data and insights displayed on a dashboard. How would you deliver information in a way that excites the end user and brings them to the dashboard to learn even more?  Give them a complementary feature to the dashboard visualizations that reduces the time they need to decipher the data, while providing them a tool that will provide real value in their daily activity.

Imagine that every day there’s an email delivered that has a few key insights that are incredibly pertinent and customized to the recipient of the email. Just to remind you, this is all done in a completely automated fashion. They would not only benefit from the written information provided, but would be enticed to learn more by going to the dashboard. In fact, Wordsmith can provide narratives that utilize the entire data set behind a dashboard to provide an overall summary of the dashboard so that same user can quickly understand the current state of business health in general, and then use that information to their advantage.

Want to get started increasing your organization’s dashboard engagement? Head over to the Wordsmith for Business Intelligence page to learn more. Want a turn-key solution? Automated Insights’ team of data scientists can build an automated commentary with custom delivery solutions for your business dashboards. Head over to the Managed Services page to learn more.