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Increasing Business Intelligence Adoption with Role-Based Natural Language Generation and Our Partners

We’ve launched the Automated Insights Partner Program! Through the Partner Program, our company adds a group of system integrators, technology resellers, and solutions providers that focus on business intelligence (BI) deployments to our powerful list of platform partnerships and integrations.

Why are we excited about this?

We’ll be working with companies that have extensive knowledge and expertise in business intelligence analytics and dashboard implementations to add natural language generation to customer deployments. That means even more people will benefit from our natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, and the accurate, complete understanding of their business’s data that the platform facilitates.

Why the emphasis on NLG for business intelligence?

According to Gartner, “by 2020, natural-language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90% of modern BI platforms”[1]. With the top BI providers looking to expand platform adoption, Automated Insights provides dashboard viewers with context around their data through prescriptive, written analysis.

What’s special about this written analysis?

Ai’s Wordsmith platform uses NLG to tailor real-time business intelligence to the viewer, delivering role-based, written analytics to each person in an organization-regardless of data expertise. As a result, every employee can feel as if they have their own personal data analyst, guiding them through their dashboard and explaining key insights that are relevant to their role, responsibilities, and the company’s strategy.

The incorporation of written analytics through Ai’s platform provides a contextual layer across an entire dashboard or dataset, generating a cohesive analysis that tells viewers exactly what their data means and what they need to do about it. As a result, enterprises are empowered with a better understanding of their data and more confident, efficient decision-making.

Forming a partnership with Automated Insights makes perfect sense, as Icimo and Ai share core values of making data more accessible, interactive, and simple to understand for clients.

Bryce Gartner
CEO of Icimo

How do these partners benefit from Ai’s NLG platform?

With the Ai Partner Program, partners are now able to easily provide clients with this narrative value, adding comprehensive, automated reporting that increases business intelligence adoption and engagement, while improving customer retention with high-value data understanding and actionable insights. “Forming a partnership with Automated Insights makes perfect sense, as Icimo and Ai share core values of making data more accessible, interactive, and simple to understand for clients,” said Bryce Gartner, CEO of Icimo, a key Automated Insights partner and Tableau Gold Partner.

So what does this mean?

Through alliances with system integrators, technology resellers, and third-party solutions providers, Ai will expand implementation and adoption of natural language generation across business intelligence platforms such as MicroStrategy, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, and more. Partners will be able to provide more value to their clients, and end users of BI + NLG will make better, faster decisions across their entire organization.

Who are these partners?

Companies included in the initial launch of the Automated Insights Partner Programs include:

Analysis Factory Analysis Factory provides end-to-end business intelligence development services: from visualization of key business processes to prototype design to final development and rollout. Our multi-national team wields the tools of data visualization and predictive analytics, including Tableau and Wordsmith integration, to build powerful analytics solutions – solutions delivering clear insights that can truly transform the future of your business.

Genware Computer Systems At Genware Computer Systems we work with our clients to implement solutions that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. We are adaptive to your needs, will provide you with the tools and services required, and help you to develop and implement solutions that enable you to make better business decisions.

Icimo Icimo is a results-driven business intelligence firm delivering both technology and strategic services to clients. By combining technology and marketing expertise, Icimo helps clients be enlightened by their data – not limited by it.

Kleer Data We are a humanized data company. We provide customized data services and solutions that anticipate and satisfy human needs, and in doing so create a more natural connection between data and human. From stunning and intuitive visualizations to data story-telling, we strive to strengthen the productivity and success of the organization by humanizing your data experience.

Point Focal Point Focal specializes in visual analytics for financial services firms. We deploy fully operational solutions spanning research, compliance, risk, portfolio construction and trade execution. Our deep expertise in BI and financial technology helps businesses monetize their data.

For more information on the Automated Insights Partner Program, visit

[1] Gartner, Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Data and Analytics, Rita L. Sallam, Cindi Howson, Carlie J. Idoine, 27 July 2017

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