Question from your executive: “Can you take a look and let me know why the Central region’s shipping orders performed poorly last week?”

Answer from you, the non-data expert: “Sure thing, let me dive right in and I’ll let you know ASAP.”

You open your BI dashboard visualization platform and boom-it hits you. Your eyes have a hollow look to them. Your computer mouse starts to radiate in your sweaty palm. Your heart rapidly goes thud-thud, thud-thud. Why is it so hot in here you ask your yourself?

You’ve avoided opening this dashboard for quite some time now, fearing that you may have to decipher the datasets and their complex visualizations. So. Many. Sankey. Diagrams. That sickening feeling is settling back in and you know exactly what it is-dashboard paralysis.

With tons of metrics and complex visuals to parse through in a dashboard, sometimes it’s hard to confidently know what matters and what you need to do about it. Allowing dashboard paralysis to spread through your organization can create a lack of engagement with your BI platforms, wasting precious resources and causing you to make ill-informed business decisions.

If only you had a personal data expert sitting next to you when you logged into your dashboards, guiding you through your data and providing clear, actionable insights that speak directly to you. That sickening feeling would vanish, your confidence would soar, and you (along with your other coworkers because we promise, you’re not alone!) would willingly log into your dashboards more often in search of answers.

This is exactly what we’ve done with our natural language generation platform, Wordsmith. With Wordsmith, the most important information from a complicated dashboard is automatically presented using concise, understandable language that updates in real-time as users explore their dashboards.

sankey diagrams
Wordsmith’s written analysis integrated with Tableau’s visual analysis.

And because Wordsmith is 100% customizable, the derived insights can be tailored to address their specific audience-making all dashboard users an expert of their data, no matter the level of expertise or position within your company.  Let Wordsmith be your personal data expert, and we promise those sankey diagrams won’t scare you off next time.

We want to empower everyone in a company to confidently make better, data-driven decisions. Go beyond just data analysis-act on it. Turn your Tableau, MicroStrategy, TIBCO Spotfire, Power BI, and Qlik dashboards into key decision-making tools for your organization.

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