As companies apply IIoT technology to their large networks of industrial equipment, the real-time exchange of data naturally improves operational efficiencies. For example, manufacturers are identifying potential maintenance and service issues before they happen. Energy companies are generating more revenue with increased production. Even distributors are taking advantage of this expansive stream of data to improve efficiencies within their fleet management.

Having access to massive amounts of operational data is changing the way entire industries operate. However, just having access to an exchange of data doesn’t necessarily translate into actionable insights. Fortunately, NLG platforms like Automated Insights’ Wordsmith are able to take complex sets of data and generate easy-to-understand and insightful narratives.

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Automatically generate written analytics directly in your dashboards that are fully customizable and update in real-time.

Faster Response Times

With so much data on hand, reviewing and analyzing complex operational analytics can be a time-intensive process for analysts. Wordsmith is able to simplify the complex by producing clear, concise narratives within seconds. These narratives can then be shared with colleagues and executives to make quicker, data-driven decisions. Wordsmith also knows when a data set changes, so analysts can review and share the most relevant information in real-time.

Improved Accuracy

Manually interpreting large sets of data greatly increases the likelihood of inconsistent analysis and even human error. NLG empowers analysts with rules-driven automation to ensure accurate and complete reporting-every time. Specifically, Wordsmith allows data experts to control the contextual layer of their reporting by setting parameters around their data that can accurately identify and account for data outliers and anomalies. With Wordsmith, analysts can also spend less time triaging false-positive sensor data and, instead, focus on more critical tasks.

Better Decision-Making

The IIoT supplies analysts with massive amounts of real-time data that can be analyzed and used to inform key decisions. Wordsmith is able to take this structured data and create easy-to-understand reporting that can be shared across an organization. Instead of simply explaining “what happened” in the data, Wordsmith helps create narratives that inform the user of “what needs to be done.” For instance, if an engine sensor is alerting a team of engineers to a malfunction, Wordsmith is able to reduce downtime by providing the appropriate service recommendations for a maintenance team to follow.