Regardless of the service or product you offer, you want your customers and clients to open your application and be wowed. You want to give your customers access to powerful analytics all from within your product, and you want them to derive value from that data. You’ve spent hours creating visualizations to illustrate the data, so you need to ensure that it’s simple, yet effective, in telling the data story while also flexible enough to answer the right questions at the right time for the right person. Our natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, integrates with Tableau to provide a complete embedded analytics package.

What is embedded analytics?

According to Gartner, embedded analytics is, “The use of reporting and analytic capabilities in transactional business applications.” Essentially, analytics capabilities bundled into business applications other than traditional business intelligence platforms like Tableau. For example, Tableau integrates into an external facing application to provide analytics, dashboards, and reporting to users outside the company they’re providing analytics for.

Driving this use of services is the explosive analytics market and the client demand to become data-driven and provide an extra layer of offerings. Business intelligence vendors like Tableau develop advanced analytics capabilities and sell them to a client who then turns around and packages the analytics into their product suite and leverages the vendor’s tools as a value add. This is common particularly in commercial healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications. It allows your organization to provide your customers and potential customers with compelling visual analytics, easy deployment and scalability, your specific domain expertise, seamless integration and compatibility, and at a low cost per value.

The natural language generation edge for embedded analytics

Embedded analytics with NLG is a solution is the solution that connects the powerful data visualization storytelling capabilities of BI platforms Tableau and to the powerful data storytelling capabilities of Wordsmith, to providing your customers with the answers they need in written form. Many roles within an organization are now demanding timely, visual, and interactive access to real-time data that is seamlessly integrated into the application they’re already familiar with. Responding to this need, meeting customers where they’re at in their challenges, business intelligence applications like Tableau have begun packaging analytics capabilities, like charts, graphs, and dashboards, into their product suites. However, visualizations aren’t always enough. Everyone has a different level of data expertise and skill, leading to lower engagement and a higher risk of misinterpretation of the visuals you have invested so much time into creating.

Wordsmith is the key differentiator that takes Tableau far beyond visual analytics and reporting. Wordsmith’s NLG engages your customer base, so they then interact with visualizations and analytics more frequently and gives companies further reach to drive home the value that they provide to their customers. This improves their understanding of data, empowers their success, and drives further product adoption, increases engagement with your offering, portal, or website, and opens up new revenue opportunities all while maintaining a seamless user experience. With narrative embedded side-by-side with visualizations, your customers receive industry-leading analytics capabilities.

Adding data-driven stories, or written analytics, that are easy to understand allows you to stay focused on your area of expertise and let the narrative explain your customer’s data to them. Data narratives complement visualizations to make each customer feel as if they have an analyst sitting next to them, explaining not only what the data is portraying, but going further to explain what it means and what they should do about it. The power to completely control the message is in your hands so you’re able to provide custom insights that speak to the individual customer in a location that’s already part of their data consumption and decision-making process.

What’s in it for me?

The benefits of embedded analytics are unique and specific to each use case and the business application in which they’re being employed. However, there are some overarching benefits across all use cases that are important to note.

Seamless user experience
Tableau and Wordsmith embed directly into your product offering via API, so the integration is easy and lets your customers work the way they want to. It enables continuous, smooth, and seamless processes without getting in the way of their current workflows and encountering awkward interactions with the core application. Everything remains consistent.

Self-service capabilities
The black box era is gone with the rise of self-service analytics. Give your customers, clients, suppliers, etc. the ability to customize, personalize, and alter at a moment’s notice with Wordsmith and Tableau. The value of data and analytics are in the ability to explore it right away. Self-service analytics offer unparalleled flexibility, frees up technical teams from much of the heavy lifting, and opens access to data to foster a fully data-driven organization.

Saves valuable time
Leverage the leading natural language generation provider and data visualization platforms for best-in-class analytics without spending hours, days, or weeks having to build your own solutions. Let your developers and engineers focus their skills and expertise on improving your products without having to worry about the complexities of building a full analytics solution. We’ve done the work for you.

Keeps you ahead of the competition
Keep your customers engaged and drive your application or product’s retention numbers by providing a complete analytics experience and going even further to provide written insight. Opening up the world of analytics to customers who are less data-savvy by giving them narratives that uncover hidden insights and are easy to read and digest puts you ahead of competitors. It shows that you understand that not everyone is an expert. You go the extra mile to meet them in their need and deliver a new way of interacting with data. By clearly spelling out the value your product and services provide, your customers will be more willing to expand their relationship with you.

By complementing Tableau visualizations with Wordsmith narrative insights for embedded analytics, your customers can quickly interact, understand, and act on their data in one single solution.