Automated Insights, a Stats Perform company and leader in powering detailed, data-driven decision making, has taken its revolutionary Wordsmith platform to the next level.

Introducing Wordsmith Note Builder, a game-changing Tableau extension that generates natural language about data visualizations directly into company dashboards. Now it’s faster and easier to get notes into dashboards, as the process to build insights can be cut down to the click of a button.

Because Wordsmith Note Builder integrates with the Wordsmith platform, users can utilize its full, custom capability by exporting insights directly into the full editor to say exactly what they want them to say. This next-level solution has become the most flexible and customizable self-service tool in the Natural Language Generation space.

Here are just some of the ways Wordsmith Note Builder uses the latest in NLG innovation to provide a fast, accessible written tool that multiple audiences can use and understand to create data-driven decisions across their organization:

          1 – Unlock Narratives: The Wordsmith AI gets you started by drawing interesting notes and insights directly from your Tableau data and adding them to your dashboard so you can leverage NLG faster than ever.

          2 – Complete Integration: This flexible platform has become better than ever as an end-to-end product as users can add custom notes to dashboards in seconds before customizing the insights in the full Wordsmith editor.

          3 – Improve Accuracy in Messaging: With Wordsmith Note Builder, empower employees to utilize data-driven decision making without worrying about misinterpretation.

          4 – Develop a Unified Front: Show every level of the organization exactly what it needs to understand and when it needs to understand it through easily filtered views.

          5 – Quick, Easy Responsiveness: Embed responsive narratives directly into your Tableau dashboards through Wordsmith Note Builder, eliminating the extra reporting steps of email or screenshots.