Always innovate

Innovation is the driving force behind Automated Insights. We operate on the cutting-edge of technology every single day and are the market leader in one of the fastest growing industries.

No jerks

Comradery is the life-blood of Automated Insights. We trust each other, operate with integrity, and cater to diverse perspectives that foster engaging conversations that lead to progressive change.

Be accountable

Reliability and personal responsibility are the core of being accountable. At Automated Insights you are given the opportunity to make a difference on the company, the product, and the industry. Our team works diligently to take responsibility for our work, big or small, and ensure that we always strive to get better.

Stay agile

A successful business in today’s landscape hinges on its ability to showcase reinvention and leverage agility. We are defining a brand new market and are learning on a daily basis.

Think like a customer

We strive to deliver best-in-class software to our customer base. We adhere to passionately understanding the problems our customers face so we can work as a cohesive team to build solutions that address those problems and bring our customers to greener pastures.