Enjoy Your Automated Sports Content?

Our patented Wordsmith platform automatically writes personalized content for fantasy and official sports.

But that's not all. Wordsmith automates stories and reports for finance, fitness, business intelligence, and many more industries.

Wordsmith can reach millions of users in real-time with a personalized story about each one. Surfacing previously unknown insights, Wordsmith can turn data into narratives in any format using any tone.

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Work for a marketing agency? See our technology in action using your own web analytics with Wordsmith for Marketing.

Use Natural Language Generation At Your Company

Marketing Reports

Automatically summarize marketing performance.

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Business Intelligence

Create reports that explain performance to all levels of the business.

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Personalized Content

Engage users with unique insights found in their data.

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About Automated Insights

Wordsmith humanizes web analytics, sales reporting, finance, quantified self, business intelligence, real estate and sports data, writing exactly what each customer or employee wants—and needs—to read.

If you have Big Data, you have your own personal data scientist, at a scale and scope no human can match.

The biggest brands trust Automated Insights

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