The Wordsmith platform powers self-writing reports, turning raw data into compelling content personalized for one user among millions. For any industry, Wordsmith delivers content at scale, in real time, on any device.

Advertising Reports

Wordsmith helps advertising networks, ad-tech platforms, brands, and agencies explain ROI in plain language.

The platform explores trends, causes, and ways to improve across mutliple variables, including demographic and pyschographic data.

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Business Intelligence

Deliver business intelligence tailored for each level of the management chain, from executive to individual contributor. With Wordsmith, your reports will present narrative analysis, not just charts and tables — completely automated by software, as often as you need them.

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Wordsmith makes sense of the marketplace by analyzing financial data and reporting in plain English.

Everyone from portfolio managers to individual investors can leverage the same technology that produces quarterly earnings stories for The Associated Press.

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Health & Fitness

Wordsmith turns data from wearable devices and fitness apps into personalized narratives that help users stay healthy and achieve their goals. From encouraging coach to irreverent gym buddy, Wordsmith can write in any tone and style, revealing insights about your health you never knew before.

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Product Descriptions

Wordsmith turns customer and product data into plain language narratives, finding and presenting personalized insights that engage your customers and focus your marketing efforts. And when customers know they’ll get custom content, they’re more willing to share more information with you.

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Sports Content

Each season, Wordsmith delivers millions of personalized draft recaps and matchup reports to Yahoo! fantasy football players. It also turns real baseball, basketball, and football statistics into compelling stories. A study in Journalism Practice found our automated content indistinguishable from human writing.

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Digital Marketing

With Wordsmith for Marketing, marketing agencies can automated their client reporting. Wordsmith for Marketing creates comprehensive scheduled reports for each client that tie the agency's marketing efforts to ROI for the client. Try it free.

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