From Big Data to Big Insights

Our patented Wordsmith technology is a natural language generation platform that helps companies leverage their big data in ways never before possible. Here's how Wordsmith works...

1 Retrieve Data

Ingest data from customer (APIs, XML, CSVs, spreadsheets, etc.), public repositories and third–party data providers. We accept data in nearly any format.

2 Analyze Data Set

Create advanced metrics that classify interesting trends, records, deltas, and streaks, and put them into historical context.

3 Identify Insights

Wordsmith finds patterns and trends in an individual’s data, and puts them into context — benchmarking them against the aggregate population and making them actionable.

4 Structure & Format

Structure a narrative using natural language generation that tells the story around the most important insights. The output can be in any format: long-form narrative, short-form bullets, visualizations, tweets, headlines, etc.

5 Publish

With our Cloud-based infrastructure, we can publish content in REAL-TIME via API, JSON, XML, Twitter, Email, Web and Mobile. We can even publish directly to your CMS of choice!

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