About Our Company

Automated Insights (Ai) is an artificial intelligence company based in Durham, North Carolina.

Ai’s patented Wordsmith natural language generation platform transforms Big Data into written reports with the depth of analysis, personality and variability of a human writer.

The platform generates insightful, customized content on an unprecedented scale for clients like The Associated Press, Samsung, Edmunds.com, Yahoo!, and Comcast.

Ai holds the first patent in natural language generation technology and was the first company to be acquired in the space.

The Ai office overlooks the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

CEO Robbie Allen founded the company in 2007 when he saw an opportunity at the intersection of computer automation and the process humans go through mentally when writing.

The company started in sports statistics and operates today in many industries including finance, personal fitness, consumer content, business intelligence, and website analytics.

Automated Insights is a subsidiary of STATS LLC, part of the Vista Equity Partners portfolio.


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May 2007

Cisco engineer Robbie Allen begins coding a way to automate the writing process. He begins with sports statistics, officially forming StatSheet.com, LLC.

June 2009

StatSheet wins a $47,000 grant from NC IDEA, which pays for StatSheet’s 3rd year of operations.

August 2010

StatSheet secures $1.3 million in its first round of venture capital funding.

November 2010

In a launch covered by The New York Times, StatSheet unveils its StatSheet Network of websites driven entirely by high quality automated content.

September 2011

The company raises $4 million and takes the name Automated Insights (Ai) to represent its applicability beyond sports to any vertical with structured data.

August 2012

Triangle Business Journal names Ai one of the "Best Places to Work in the Triangle," an honor Ai will receive every year thereafter.

September 2012

In what will become one of the company’s best-known projects, Ai begins recapping matches for Yahoo Fantasy Football.

August 2013

The United States Patent and Trademark Office grants a patent to Robbie Allen for “Systems for Dynamically Generating and Presenting Narrative Content.” Filed in April 2010, it is the first patent to broadly cover the concept of automating content.

April 2014

From the stage at Google for Entrepreneurs Demo Day, Ai announces Wordsmith, a new brand name for its patented platform, and Wordsmith for Marketing, the platform's first public application.

May 2014

The growing team moves into a new office with an incredible view of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

June 2014

Ai announces it has raised a $5.5 million Series B round of venture funding with investment from Samsung, The Associated Press, and Steve Case. Ai also reveals that it will automate corporate earnings stories for The Associated Press.

February 2015

Ai announces it has been acquired by Vista Equity Partners and STATS.

March 2015

Days after the AP announces it will partner with Ai and the NCAA to automate college sports stories, AP’s Lou Ferrara and Ai's Robbie Allen present a session at SXSW Interactive.